Meet the Photographer

Hi there! I’m Brandi Jo.
You can just call me Jo, though.

I’m a bit of a nerd.

I like spreadsheets. I like numbers. I like putting spreadsheets and numbers together. I like tracking numbers and seeing where they lead and what they tell me. I like figuring out what makes up a number and deciding whether or not it needs to change. Excel is a wonderful program and I use it every day. I like to put together accounting related puzzles and get those warm fuzzy feelings when our personal finances reconcile at the end of each month…or day. I love thinking about the future and structuring our lives in the present to reach future goals.

…but I’m also a creative.

I like the freedom that comes from unstructured days and music filled afternoons. Mornings wasted away with nothing to show for it but an empty coffee cup and a half-finished book. Moments of time preserved through the lens of a Canon and created to last forever in a picture frame. And hours upon hours passed by stringing letters together to create words, which group together to form sentences that stick together to create paragraphs, which pull together to – hopefully – move people.

Nerd and Creative. I am not one or the other, I am both.

Like many people, I take lots of photos of my life. Snapshots of friends, family, dogs, horses, road trips, silly stuff that happens, serious stuff that happens and everything in between all get captured regularly thanks to my phone. And that’s where they stay. I struggle with doing anything with those photos after they’ve been snapped.

But I’ve realized that I’m not alone. In this wonderful digital age that we live in, everyone can take photos of anything or anyone at any time. How marvelous! But, how many of those moments ever make it back out of our phones, tablets or other “digital memories?” Oftentimes, we forget we ever even took the images!

That’s why I’m here. My hope is to capture the moments that build the memories of your life and then give those images back to you in a medium that can be displayed, shared, discussed and treasured for years to come!

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